Tuesday, July 26, 2016

White Cucumbers and etc

Our garden is starting to actually produce food!  The white cucumbers are doing wonderfully now.  We've already gotten 16 of them, and they just started ripening last week.
Can you spot the white cucumber?  The cucumber plants are very robust, and their leaves are everywhere.  Luckily, several of us like cucumbers.

Our tomato plants are healthy, but it will still be a while before we get that first red full-sized tomato.  This is one of the plants with the biggest green ones.

To the right are the cucumbers, and to the left are the cantaloupes, which are covered in little yellow flowers and even a few tiny cantaloupes.  The potatoes were in between the two, but those have pretty much died, I think due to too much rain earlier in the summer.

Here are my golden crescent bean plants.  They are really pretty.  I harvested some yesterday, which we ate with dinner.  I think I'll have enough to harvest for eating again tomorrow.  I'm hoping so.  Malachi particularly loves these beans, and I'm always trying to get more vegetables and fruits into him.  Elijah and Gyunay like them as well, along with Nathaniel and me.  Lydia has never liked any green beans, so it's no surprise that she turns her nose up at these.  Fortunately, she eats the cherry tomatoes and cucumbers really well.

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