Monday, November 28, 2011


 Wednesday morning, we were packing and getting ready to head to my in-laws when I found this lovely egg.  It was in the nesting box, right where it should be, and we were so excited to get our first egg.  When we came home yesterday, four more eggs were waiting for us!  You can tell which ones they are in the carton below, because first eggs are typically small:
We were surprised that they were that big, though.  We had expected them to be smaller at first.  We're not sure which hen(s) are laying, but Nathaniel suspected the Rhode Island Red was the first one, from her behavior.  This morning when I went to let the chickens out, one of the Barred Rock hens was sittting in the nesting box and didn't move out with the others, so I assume she's laying.  Fun, fun!
We had a great Thanksgiving weekend.  The boys went with their grandparents to cut down a tree:

 Lydia is usually such a Grandpa's girl, and she still is, but this weekend she gave Grandma a lot of attention, too:
 We played Mexican Train Dominoes.  This picture cracks me up because it looks like Nathaniel and Ben are concentrating so hard!

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