Saturday, June 8, 2013

Quiver Tutorial - How to make a toy quiver

I've found several tutorials on various blogs, and I thought I'd try my hand at one.  The boys got some toy bows and arrows, and they wanted quivers for them.  I let them pick out the fabric, so that is where the odd color/pattern choices come from, but if you wanted a quiver as part of a costume, you could easily do this in brown cotton or some faux suede.  

So here is the tutorial:
First, you need a piece of 44" wide fabric.  The fold is at the top in this picture, and this piece measures approximately 18" across.  Cut a piece of interfacing and put it in between the pieces as shown: 

Then I folded the quiver in half lengthwise and sewed along the edge.  This way the quiver inside and out has the print fabric, and between the interfacing makes it a bit sturdier.  Next, I stood the quiver upright and traced roughly around the circular bottom with a fabric pencil:

I cut out 2 fabric circles, and put them together right sides out.  Then I pinned the circles into the quiver bottom:

Sew.  Turn right side out and cut a cardboard circle to fit in the inside This keeps the quiver open for use, but the cardboard would be easy to remove for washing.  Next, you need a strap.  I cut a piece approximately 6" wide and 30" long, but you can adjust it to the size of your kid.  Fold in half lengthwise and sew across the top and down the side.  Turn inside out and hem the exposed bottom seam.  Finally, attach the strap to the quiver by sewing one end on the quiver's side seam near the top (about 1/2" down) and the other side at the bottom of the quiver on the side seam as well.

Sewing on the strap

 Then, let the kids have fun!  You can easily adjust the size of the quiver according to the size of the child and the size of the arrows you have.

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