Friday, June 28, 2013

Book Review - A Most Peculiar Circumstance by Jen Turano

A Most Peculiar Circumstance

While I was on vacation, I finished reading my second book from Bethany House Publishers, A Most Peculiar Circumstance by Jen Turano.  It is a Christian historical romance about a young woman, Arabella, who is a suffragette in the 1880s.  This is one of those "opposites attract" type romances, in that Theodore is old-fashioned and very much against women doing anything outside the home, while she is an independent and vocal supporter of women's rights.

This is fun, light reading.  It is full of intrigues, although I found several senarios to be a bit too far-fetched.  (For example, the way many of the characters welcomed the prostitutes seemed more the way we would like to think people would react than the way most probably would have reacted at that time and place.)  Arabella is a likeable character, and her matter-of-fact relationship with God is very well written.  I was a bit disappointed that the book didn't get into the sufferage movement very much.  It was more of a background than a focal point.  This is primarily a romance with a lot of strong, unusual female characters.  I would recommend it for fun reading when you're in the mood from something romantic.  This author has written another book with some of these characters, featuring Arabella's brother Hamilton's romance, and I have a feeling that she will write a third about the other brother, Zayne.

I received a copy of this book from Bethany House Publishers for the purpose of writing a review, but my opinions are my own.

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