Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Bible Buddies

I've been doing a little Bible story time for preschoolers.  Gyunay really enjoys it, and it is at the preschool he will attend in the fall, so it is making him more comfortable with transitioning to a new school.  Here he is showing off his sheep (while eating kholrabi):
He made the sheep all by himself, and he was very proud of that!  I read a picture book that illustrated Psalm 23 (by Barry Moser) to the children, and we talked about how David was a shepherd before he was king, and how he wrote songs for God.  The kids loved making the sheep and using the musical instruments.  Granted, we didn't have harps, and shaky eggs are not exactly like what David used, but hey, it was good.

Then, there was our Memorial Day weekend.  Usually, it is the weekend of Nathaniel's big kayak trip, but the river was too high, and only one of his friends was going to kayak anyway, so instead that friend and his wife and their kids joined us for a fabulous weekend.  The kids all had a blast.  We ended up taking all of us to a lake with the kayaks, and then took turns.  (We have 4 kayaks, so it really worked out well for the 12 of us.)  And although it was supposed to storm most of the weekend, the weather ended up being beautiful.

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