Sunday, May 21, 2017

Last week

It's felt like summer here the last week, and Gyunay has been enjoying daily water gun fights.  Malachi is pretty much always ready for one, so the two of them enjoy spraying each other frequently, but everyone joins in some days.
The chickens apparently don't mind the heat; they laid 61 eggs last week.
The gardens are looking better all the time.  We've been harvesting a handful of radishes, pea pods, and herbs every few days.
And I took the kids to pick strawberries yesterday.  We did really well in a short amount of time - about 16 pounds in 40 minutes.  Elijah and Lydia are very good strawberry pickers.  Malachi isn't, but he kept Gyunay occupied.  Gyunay has no desire to actually pick the berries; he just wants to carry the bucket, but this is best when the bucket is nearly empty, since he spills frequently.  They also have a little petting "zoo" area, where the kids were thrilled to see a newborn goat, among other goats, donkeys, and sheep.  Malachi, of course, spent most of his time with the chickens.  We may go back and pick strawberries again.  So far, we've had strawberry shortcake, strawberry crisp, and today I hope to make strawberry jam, but we could always use some more strawberries.  Those fresh ones are so good, and don't last long!

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