Monday, April 24, 2017

Growth Abounds

Today was gorgeous, and I was out checking on the gardens and the multitude of plants that we have here.  First up, check out the blackberries:
The plant has never been so big, or so full of blooms.  I don't care for blackberries, but Nathaniel and some of the kids like them.  

Also recently, we had this little tree frog as our guest.  He was perched on the back door, and Malachi and Elijah worked to take pictures of him to show Lydia, since it was well past her and Gyunay's bedtime, and she just adores frogs.

Back to food.  Here is the garlic that Malachi and I planted in the fall.  It is growing really well, and should be ready for harvest in late June.

And lastly, these beauties:

I love lilies of the valley, and they are starting to bloom and smell divine right by my front steps.  I planted some years ago, and now they have multiplied into quite a nice little patch.

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