Sunday, April 9, 2017

Hugelkutlur Part 2

Yesterday was gorgeous, and Lydia helped me plant onions and peas in the hugelkultur bed.
Closest to the camera, you can see the little pea plants.  I started them from seed in the playroom, and we transplanted them to the hugelkultur.  They look really good, actually.  Lydia is planting onion sets in the background.  I bought some (rather impulsively, I admit) a couple of days ago, and now they are all around the hugelkultur mound, along the bottom and most of the way up the sides, except where the peas are, and a small area where I planted some arugula seeds.

Nathaniel also finished the kids' square garden.  Each child gets 4 squares, and Gyunay and Lydia started planting in theirs.  (As you can see in the background, he also made me a square garden, so bonus gardening space for me!)

Naturally, although I have lots of more gardening space from last year, I am still struggling with where to plant everything I want to grow.  That is a never-ending battle for me, but I will definitely be able to plant more food than last year with these new plots.

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