Friday, April 7, 2017

Hugelkultur Part 1

I've mentioned before my plans for a hugelkultur bed this year.  Today, the dirt was delivered, so I've mostly completed one!  First, we had a pile of logs, sticks, stumps, etc:

Next, add dirt.  Specifically, I had a dump truck load of dirt delivered,  It was dumped partially on top of the wood, but I had to shovel most of it.  Also on top of the wood, before the dirt was added, went the possum that I killed yesterday.  I didn't want to dig another hole.

This is not all of the dirt, as some of it is destined for potato bags, square garden beds, etc.

Here is the view from the opposite side.  You can see the additional dirt pile in the background.  All in all, the hugelkultur bed is about 4 feet tall, and it ended up being rather oval shaped.  It's probably 8 feet long and four feet wide, but rounded not rectangular.  I'm very happy with how it's going.  I will probably add a bit more dirt to the top tomorrow, and then I'll start planting.  Onions, pumpkins, and sunberries are definitely going in this bed.  Other things probably will as well.  The onions will be planted first, most likely tomorrow, both because they are earlier, cooler-weather crops than the pumpkins and berries, but also because they deter deer, and I may have to worry about deer bothering my hugelkultur bed since it is in the front.  The rest of the gardens are in the fenced backyard, and although they have been effected by deer before, the front yard is a more likely spot for that.  On the positive side, though, the deer haven't been on our side of the neighborhood nearly as often this year, and I haven't seen them in the area where the hugelcultur is for at least 2 years.

And here is a tulip, because it's beautiful and shows that it is really spring.

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