Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Master Bedroom Floors

I bet by now you're thinking that I forgot all about posting pictures of the master bedroom floors, but I did finally get around to taking the pictures today.  You all should know by now that I have a tendency to procrastinate, but since I need pictures of all of our rooms for the dossier anyway, I knew I'd get the pictures taken soon.  So I've been photographing rooms, and today, the master finally got its turn:

Aren't the floors gorgeous?  Now, I realize that the room looks really plain and empty, until you look at my sewing corner:

Yeah, I need a fabric storing system beyond the totes on the floor.  I'm thinking of some shelving.  And that black dresser, from when I was a teenager and had a red and black bedroom, is going to eventually be painted white to match the sewing table and the room's trim.  Eventually.  But for now, I'm beyond thrilled with the floors and the yellow walls.  I never would have guessed that I'd be such a fan of yellow bedroom walls, but I really love how they brighten it up.  In the morning, it's like soft sunshine, and I love that.

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