Thursday, December 15, 2011

Wrapping Paper

 Yesterday Lydia was able to paint on the easel in the driveway.  She made several nice pictures that are now serving as wrapping paper.  Today it's raining, so we set up shop on the kitchen floor with crayons.  She's been busy making more wrapping paper.  It's an easy, creative craft she enjoys, just like her brothers used to.  Actually, sometimes they still participate, especially when I break out the paint.  I thought we were out of large paper (which is all left over from moving), but I just found another stash in the basement, just in time to make Christmas wrapping paper.  Some sheets are brown; most are white.  Either way works great.  I haven't bought wrapping paper for at least two years, because between the kids' art and the now-dwindling big box of wrapping paper Nathaniel brought home from work for free a few years ago, we've had plenty of wrapping paper.

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