Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hair cut!

I also cut Elijah's hair last night.  I know I need to clip a few more hairs (like his sideburns!) but overall, it looks ok.  He likes it a little longer, so I didn't just buzz it all.

Today was day 3 of swimming lessons.  Sigh.  Elijah and Malachi are doing well - Praise God! a few years ago it was nightmarish with them - but Lydia had a really hard time today.  She was bawling/screaming.  I had to go sit with her, and one of the ladies finally took her on a pool tour along with another little boy from a different class that had the same type of day.  The instructor held both of them as she walked through the deep water, and then had them walk and jump with her in the shallow.  Lydia ended up smiling and high-fiving, and later she said swimming went "great", but she didn't do hardly any of her lesson.  I've got until next Tuesday to convince her that swimming lessons are awesome.

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