Sunday, April 18, 2010

Back home

We're back home again after another weekend away. It was lots of fun to visit Autumn and go to the Bug Bowl (at Purdue), but I am definately looking forward to a weekend at home. There is so much that needs done around here. I've got diapers on the line and more wash in the washer, but that's about all I've "accomplished" this weekend. Maybe I'll be able to plant broccoli later, when Nathaniel can watch the baby. (Right now he's playing Zelda with the boys - something they haven't done in weeks and all of them are quite excited about it!)

I know I need to get some pictures on here. It's on the to-do list!

I'm very excited that the seeds I planted last weekend are already sprouting: carrots, lettuce mix, deer tongue, and rainbow chard. Or maybe the spinach. I can't remember which is the chard and which is the spinach, but I'll be able to figure that out soon, when they really start growing. Last summer I fell in love with sauteeing chard in olive oil or bacon grease with garlic and then adding balsamic vinegar. So yummy! And then I started sauteeing mushrooms and onions first, then doing the chard and etc and that was wonderful. It's the reason I'm growing swiss chard even though my kids won't touch it and my husband is less than enthusiastic about it.

Well that's it for now. I'm heading back outside!


  1. I want to plant too. I think we are going to wait another week or two. It is still getting cold here!

    Oh, you so need okra in that pan! Okra is the best!


  2. I love okra, but I never thought to try that. It sounds good. Usually, I put okra in soup or eat it fried.