Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Short hair and zoo days

I cut the boys' hair last night with the clippers.  Malachi loves his; Elijah demanded that I get his hair back long "RIGHT NOW."  He didn't want anyone to see his buzz cut.  Now he is resigned to it, I think.  Malachi looked in the mirror and declared, "I look like Dalton!"(our good friend)  He has been thrilled ever since.

Lydia and I have become very familiar with the zoo.  We have lots of time to explore it while the boys are at zoo camp.  She can say turtle y tortuga.  Also she will say frog and fish, but everything else is "doggie".  She loved petting "doggies" (goats) and looking at everything.  She is really observant.  She even points out the chipmunks running along the edges of the grounds. 

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