Sunday, June 12, 2011

Some days are like that....

Don't ya love it?
Today had high points and low points.  I enjoyed teaching English at Spanish church, and I even learned the word for toilet, which I had never actually heard before: taza del bano.  Literally, it means bathroom cup.  Fun to know. 
On the low side, we had a chicken run.  It turns out that our chickens can (and did) fly out of the 8-foot fence in the second chicken yard.  Although the book I read assured me that I really didn't need to clip their wings so they can't fly, I'm going to have to tomorrow, or we'll just keep losing chickens.  We're down to only 6!  Of course, the neighbor cat that keeps stalking them may have encouraged them to fly the coop, but I actually saw one chicken on top of said fence and about to fly out with no predator in sight.  I got that chicken back in, but the others are long gone.  6 left.  Sigh.  So now I have to take scissors and clip the long feather on one wing of each pullet, so they can't fly out.  This does not sound like fun.


  1. Oh no! Down to six? Good luck clipping those wings....
    And on another note, The boys are getting SO big! And Lydia looks so much like her daddy in this picture!

  2. Boo flying chickens! Sorry you have to clip wings, that sounds awful. Love you...