Sunday, June 5, 2011

And it's June...

So now it's June already.  The boys are out of school and ready for zoo camp tomorrow.  (They asked if Daddy has to work on summer break...oh how I wish he didn't!)  It's been busy here, and pretty fun.  My inlaws came down for a couple of days, so we took them to the Renaissance Festival.  Huzzah!  At the very first show we went to (Nuttin But Mud), my father-in-law raised his hand when they asked who had never been to a Ren Fair.  (For those of you who haven't realized yet, that's a dead giveaway to the sucker in the audience!)  Anyway, he ended up part of the show:
 The "P" stands for Prince, but also sets him up for the (corny) joke, "You have a little p on you."  Nathaniel also ended up onstage later:
Now, for those of you that haven't been to a renfaire, don't let these pictures discourage you.  We've been twice before and never ended up on stage.  It's usually quite easy to avoid volunteering, if you never raise your hand!  (In Nathaniel's case, though, they used every ambulatory guy in the audience.  He probably could have avoided it, but what the hey.)  One sure way to avoid being "volunteered": hold a small child.  But really, mostly the volunteers don't have to do too much.
The kids had a fabulous time.  We stayed way past nap time, and eventually, Lydia gave up:

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  1. How Fun! We LOVED the Ren Faire, even when it was way too hot. Glad you had so much fun!