Thursday, May 26, 2011


This is the doll I gave away in the White Sugar Brown Sugar Blog giveaway.   I think she turned out adorable.  It was actually a bit of a challenge, because I usually make these with real wool stuffing, which is where shaping the head comes into play, but she asked for polyfil so it could be machine washed.  It was a little more difficult to sew her head on, but I think she turned out great.  I've also been busy sewing to add to my etsy shop inventory.

Vacation Bible School is coming up, too, and I'm in charge of crafts for that.  I've been tracing pattern pieces on foam for magnets and getting supplies figured out.  The kids always enjoy VBS, and so do I.

Memorial Day weekend is almost here, and soon after will be the last day of school.  It has flown!  I'm also trying to get things together for summer.  I really want to focus on teaching more Spanish to the kids this year. 

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