Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The chickens get a friend

A few days ago, we were inside the chicken yard when I noticed something unexpected.  An orange box turtle is living in the chicken yard!  We had never noticed before, but since Nathaniel went and killed the poison ivy, (and by default, a lot of the other vegetation, too) we saw him for the first time.  He's got very orange head and legs.  He's also not too shy; when I picked him up, he kept his head and legs out.  The kids were very excited about him. Apparently, he's been living in the yard for some time, since there's no way a turtle could get in or out of it.  Since I have the door open to the third yard, he may wander that way, but I think he's pretty well stuck in the chicken complex.  Neither he nor the chickens seem to mind, though. 
I'll try to get a picture of him a little later, if it's not still rainy. 

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