Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Camping and Tie-dye

 We had a great weekend camping with Nathaniel's family.  The weather Friday and Saturday was great.  Sunday we did have a little rain, but it was just annoying sprinkles.  The kids had a blast.  They even had some cousins to play with there, and that was a big bonus. 

Lydia couldn't remember camping, of course, so she was intrigued by the whole idea.  When I told her that the whole family was going to sleep in the tent, she thought I was joking.  It was fun to see her "discover" what camping was. 
Now we are back home and back in the swing of things.  Malachi was excited to try out his tie-dye kit, and he and Elijah dyed some shirts, long underwear, and 3 sheets.  Malachi spent some of his money to buy a second tie-dye kit, which we will use another day.  (One kit is plenty for one day!)

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