Monday, December 3, 2012

O, Christmas Tree

Well, last night we got the Christmas tree up.  It and the nativity are the only things we've got out so far, but we do plan on getting everything else in place over the next few days.

On our tree:
It lists to the right.  It has tons of ornaments on the bottom and few on the top.  It is packed with memories.  It's perfect.

On our nativity:
It was my Aunt Bess's manger scene.  I even keep the bigger basket she puts baby Jesus in.  The nativity originally came from Uncle Jim (her big brother), as a gift to Aunt Bess years ago.  He bought it in Mexico.  I loved looking at it as a child when we'd go to her apartment on Christmas Day evening.  It sat on her bookshelf in the living room.  Now it sits on my mantle, above the living room fireplace.

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