Friday, October 18, 2013

Pumpkins and Runners

Yesterday was a busy and fun day for us.  First up, Lydia had her class field trip to the pumpkin patch.  It was drizzling, so raincoats were in order.  It didn't damper the mood!

Lydia had fun with friends!

Here she is in the pumpkin patch.  She found her pumpkin right away, and we were good to go.  When we got back to the farm store, my friend and I decided to go ahead and do the u-pick for apples.  We were already damp, so what's a little more?  We and our girls headed to the patch, where it promptly started raining for real.  We still picked half a bushel each.  When you're already wet and having a good time, why bother stopping?!  There weren't very many apples left on the trees, so we tramped around up and down the rows to find enough apples and ended up with several different kinds.  There weren't any russets left, but there were some for sale in the store, so I bought a peck of those.  We really love that kind, and they are the only type of apple that Malachi currently eats.

Our pumpkin/apple adventure wore Lydia out, and she fell asleep on the way home.  Luckily, her raincoat and boots kept her totally dry underneath, so it was not a big deal to roll her into bed after those came off.  Then, after a too-short nap, we started looking forward to the last cross country race of the season.  We headed to school with plenty of time before the race started so we wouldn't miss anything.  Because of all the rain and mud, they ran around the paved bus dock, and their times all dropped by a minute!  Elijah got first (as always) with a time of 6:18.  Malachi finally managed to claim third with a time of 7:09.  Fourth place was only one second behind him.  He was so proud to get his medal!

Afterwards, they had pizza and cake for the kids.  They also all got trophies and certificates.  I'm not a fan of giving kids trophies every time they participate in a sport, so I wasn't too thrilled to see those, but the boys were happy, of course.  (They also get trophies for every Y soccer season, etc.)

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