Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Hyacinths and Seedlings

There are several hyacinths blooming in my front yard.  Yesterday, the downpour we had flattened a couple, so I was happy to pluck them, and now they are making my kitchen smell amazing!

They are beautiful, too, with vibrant colors that I just love.  It's good to see spring!

Speaking of spring, my seedlings are coming along.  Now most of the tomato seeds have sprouted, although some got washed out of the pots with over-excited watering when they were just seeds, so not all of the pots have tiny tomato plants in them.  The pimento peppers look good, and some of the other peppers are just starting to sprout.  I had them too cold; once I added the clear lid, they have started sprouting.  I need to plant some more seeds this week, including herbs.  Oh, and all of the radish plants outside are now growing and looking really healthy.  The few spinach and broccoli plants I had put outside look fine, despite the deluge we got yesterday.

And in very exciting (for me) news: we got 4 big fruit trees from a local nursery.  All are beautiful and healthy.  Elijah helped dig the holes for the peach and pear trees, which I planted Saturday and Sunday.  The plum and cherry are still in their pots, but they are doing fine and will be planted soon.  We also bought two blueberry bushes for the front, but I haven't planted those yet, either.  I'm bound and determined to have fruit grow here!

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