Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Rough week

Well, we've had a rough start to this week.  After a great weekend spent with family and a wonderful Thanksgiving meal, we came home to...issues.  Yesterday, the septic people were unable to fix our system and aren't sure what the problem is, exactly.  So there is still water leaking into my garage.  And the neighbor's dog got loose and jumped our fence and killed three chickens.  And this morning, we discovered that one of the kids has lice.  Is it Friday yet?  It feels like we've had a full week in two days!

But on the postive side, Elijah had his first band concert.

I was surprised at how big the sixth grade band is!

And Lydia had her Thanksgiving play:

She told me that she chose to be a pilgrim because she likes the word pilgrim. "It sounds funny.  Pilgrim!  Pilgrim!"  She did a great job delivering her lines and singing the songs.  

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