Monday, March 9, 2015

The weekend in pictures

We got another foot of snow on Wednesday, so the kids were out of school for three days last week.  Here is the driveway before Nathaniel spent 5 hours shoveling it:
The kids have done really well with all of the together-at-home time.  Here I found all four of them playing together with the little people:

Granted, Elijah was just helping/playing with Gyunay, but still, all four doing the same activity voluntarily!

We were also thrilled to have a visit from Aunt Autumn.  She arrived Thursday and stayed until Sunday morning, so we had a really nice visit with her.

Here Gyunay is with me in the sling.  Lydia took this picture as we were out front.

Lydia and I also introduced Gyunay to the bunny yesterday.  He seemed to enjoy it.

And yesterday was so nice that we went for a walk, or scooter ride, depending.  As you can see, some of the neighbors' snow has melted in big spots, but our yard is still covered.

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