Friday, April 10, 2015


Y'all knew it was going to happen...

Today, Nathaniel took off of work, and we headed to Frankfort to apply for Gyunay's social security card.  On the way back home, we stopped for chicks.  The kids are ecstatic.  They actually had mostly pullets, so that is mostly what we got. 

Lydia wore this chicken dress in honor of the occasion.
I was thrilled with the choices of chicks. I had just researched australops, and wanted to try those, so I naturally got 3 australop pullets.  They also had buff orpingtons, which we all were excited about.  Sol, our deceased-but-fondly-remembered mama hen, was a buff orpington.  We got 3 pullets of buff orpingtons.  Then, they had these really cute silver laced Wyandotte pullets, so we got three of those, too.

And lastly, because we wanted the chance at a good rooster or at least some good table meat, we got 3 straight-run, unknown chicks.  So we will end up with at least 9 hens, with the possibility of up to 12.  Of course, that's not counting the 6 we already have, which are 4 Plymouth barred rocks and 2 red sex link hens.  Elijah really wanted some Americanas (to lay blue and green eggs), but they had sold out of those. 

I converted the broken toddler bed into a brooder with cardboard and duct tape.  Very fancy, I know.


  1. I know some girls who will want to visit when they find out

  2. It's the perfect excuse to come visit us! :)