Monday, April 27, 2015


I'm a bit behind on the blog, so I figured a catch-up post is in order.  We had a nice weekend.  Malachi got a kayak:
So now he can kayak along with Nathaniel and Elijah.  The three of them had a nice paddle around a lake yesterday.  Lydia also got in some "Daddy time" on Saturday.  They went to Build-a-Bear to spend the gift card she got for her birthday.  She's now the proud owner of a Princess Luna stuffed My Little Pony.

Saturday was rainy and cold, but Friday and Sunday the kids got to play outside. 
And I've been able to get some sewing done after the littlest ones are in bed.  I made some things for the shop, including this doll outfit:

I'm really happy with how it came out. 
I'll be posting an update on Gyunay and one on the chicks soon, but that's all for now!

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