Friday, May 1, 2015

3 Months Home

Well, this past month has shown that the "honeymoon stage" is over.  We had a very difficult week last week.  We were prepared; all our adoption education told us that our little man would most likely try to push us, especially me, away, and he tried pretty hard last week.  My two-year-old tornado tried to get into everything and do every dangerous thing he could think of - all at warp speed.  Jumping on the couch? Grabbing at the burners of a hot stove? Pulling the dog's ears? Climbing Furniture? Trying to open the oven?  Trying to get at the (child proofed) electrical outlets?  Check on all, with a steady dose of physical aggression towards me.  Yet, when Nathaniel got home, he was fine.  He's mainly tested me, and to a much lesser extent, Lydia.  And, our house has been very child proofed specifically for his safety, so there's only so much danger he can get into.  I was so amazed and thrilled at how Lydia responded to him when he was pulling her hair and poking her in the eye.  She's a bit of a tornado herself, and willing and able to punch anyone who messes with her, but she chose to be gentle with Gyunay, and to model to him gentle touch with my help, over and over.  She never hit him, which is itself a huge victory!  And now he's back to being her happy shadow, giving her abundant hugs and huge grins.  As for him and me, he's doing so much better now.  Our days have calmed down.  He's trying to say, "I love you."  I know he will still push me sometimes, but he seems to be settling into the fact that I'm not going anywhere, and he's much calmer.   He obviously loves all of us. 

He started therapy this week.  He had speech first, and today a developmental interventionist.  Honestly, neither one is doing anything that Nathaniel and I don't already do with him, but I still think it's good for him.  He enjoys playing with the visitors, but he's obviously still checking in with me the whole time.  The therapist today was blown away by his understanding of English, and she made my day when she said, "You can tell he's really attached to you.  You're his anchor."
My heart overflows with love for all of my kids.  This little guy is so firmly planted in our family that no one can imagine life without him. 
You have been told, O man, what is good, and what the Lord requires of you: Only to do the right and to love goodness, and to walk humbly with your God.  -Micah 6:8 

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