Friday, May 15, 2015

The 2015 Garden

This is the "small garden".  This year, it has tomatillos, peppers (Bulgarian, Pimento, and Sweet Chocolate), a few extra tomato plants (including 2 yellow pear), Sultan's Golden Crescent beans, green beans, a couple of Calypso beans, broccoli, and to the far right (off screen), some lettuce, arugula, spinach, and dragon (purple) carrots.  As you can see, I need to hack out the tree thing that is growing against the house amongst the day lilies.

Same garden, side view.  As you can tell, I ran out of straw halfway through this garden, and I haven't bought more yet, so it's partially naked.  Under the straw is a layer of newspaper.

This is the new garden.  On the other side of the fence is the old "big garden".  This new garden has 2 rows of raspberries (it looks like 7 are thriving), and 26 tomato plants (Black Krim, Golden Jubilee, Mortgage Lifter, Italian Heirloom, Mexican Midget cherry, and a golden cherry that has a long German name meaning little blonde girl).

This is the biggest raspberry.  It looks healthy!

And see, raspberries!  Yum, yum.
I also have a few things planted in the old big garden, which will actually be two sections this year.  The middle will be fallow, because that ground got impacted by big machinery during our sewage fix.  Anyway, I do have 4 zucchini plants in the ground, plus 3 mounds of cantaloupe seeds.  Elijah planted 12 cucumber seeds (white and green varieties).  I still need to plant more cantaloupe and pumpkin on that patch, and on the second patch we will have blue corn, sunflowers, and maybe some butternut squash.
I have a few extra tomato and pepper plants that may end up somewhere.  The front porch is full of pots, with carrots, radishes, lettuce, herbs, marigolds, and strawberry spinach.  Oh, and in the herb garden, the sage looks great, and some cilantro volunteers are coming up well.  I need to plant dill seeds there as well, and some others, maybe the thyme.  I have basil and mint in pots.  I also have some blueberries planted by the fountain, and the big one should bear this year.  All in all, the gardens look great so far.

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