Monday, June 29, 2015

Celebration Weekend

This weekend, we had a wonderful time meeting other families with children adopted from Bulgaria.  This particular group has been meeting for 5 years, so many of the families know each other although they come from all over the country.  We were lucky in that the reunion is only about an hour and a half from our house.   We also took the opportunity to stay with my sister-in-law's family, as they recently moved to the area.  Here the boys are enjoying popsicles:
And these pictures are from the reunion:

The bungy was a great success, and the operator was just fabulous with all of the kids.

Overall, there were about 120 people from 27 families present.  We look forward to meeting with this group again next year!  There were kids of all ages and abilities, and it was nice to speak to other parents as well.  We were thrilled to find such an affirming, welcoming community, and as Gyunay gets older, I'm sure he will appreciate knowing other kids with backgrounds similar to his own. 
As a side note, another mom asked if he had been home 6 to 8 months.  I replied that it had been 5 months, and she pointed out that she thought it was close to that because it takes about that long for the orphanage upbringing to sort of "wear off".  Gyunay was appropriately cautious with the new people, and he wanted to be held by me a lot during the weekend, so that showed how attached he is now.  He did really enjoy giving other kids hi-fives, and after a day and a half, he felt comfortable enough to run around with another little girl his age who was adopted just a few months ago as well (although she is from China, not Bulgaria).  Most of the kids were older than him, and they liked saying hi to the "little guy". 

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