Monday, May 9, 2016

Egg Count

This year, I started keeping track of how many eggs our chickens lay.  Right now, we only have 5 young laying pullets (they are not a year old yet) and one old hen.  One of the pullets started laying in January, and we got 6 eggs late that month.  By February, another started as well, and we got 20 eggs that month.  Things started picking up in March, with 51 total eggs and all of the pullets were laying by the end of that month, and the old hen started laying again around then.  April was a great month: 145 eggs!  We are getting 5 or 6 eggs every day now.  The old hen is still laying about 3 eggs a week, and the young ones lay most days, so we get around 3 dozen eggs a week now.  That is a good number for us; we can easily eat that many a week!
Here the kids have handfuls of worms to feed the chickens.

The kids love these hens.  Nathaniel killed the last rooster over the weekend, so we just have the hens in the coop now.  In the garage, we still have the 6 chicks, which are getting bigger all the time.  It looks like all of them are pullets; I'm not entirely sure yet, but I don't think there are any cockerels in the group.  They will be moving outside to the coop soon, probably next weekend, although I plan on having a separate area for them for a while so they don't get picked on too much.

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