Sunday, May 22, 2016

In the Kitchen

The big boys learned to peel potatoes today.  I really should always make them peel the potatoes!

I've been growing these oyster mushrooms for about a week.  Look how big they are already!  I bought the bag at our farmer's market, and it is supposed to produce 3-5 harvests.  Lydia sliced up two big clusters of the mushrooms for me, and I sauteed them with onion.  So delicious!

And it's post-adoption update time again.  Our social worker is coming this week, so we had to set the timer on the camera and get some family pictures to send to Bulgaria.

We took this after church this morning.  It just so happened that the kids were all wearing green and blue.  I should have changed shirts to make it look like we were color-coordinating on purpose!


  1. Good family picture! You weren't to great at peeling potatoes at their age. Love the looks of the mushrooms.

  2. Yeah, I warned them that you can cut yourself with a potato peeler!