Saturday, December 17, 2016

Adaptive Handlebars

A while back, I came across some examples of people using pvc to adapt handlebars for kids with limb differences.  I forwarded it to Nathaniel, and today it was warm enough for him and Gyunay to try it out.
His little arm fits into the pvc, so now he is learning to control the scooter with 2 "long" arms.  He's always been able to ride his scooter, but he has trouble controlling it, since he always veers right.  Now he can turn left for the first time.

And here is Nathaniel adapting his tricycle.  Actually, this tricycle was originally Elijah's; it's went through all of the kids.  

Being able to really ride a bike will be huge for Gyunay.  He wants to so bad, but it is really difficult for him, and he sometimes flips forwards over the handle bars.  The trike is super low to the ground, and he never goes fast, so he hasn't gotten hurt, but it is a concern.  Plus, he really wants to ride a bike.  So although he doesn't know it yet, he is getting a 12" bike with an adaptive arm on it for Christmas.  Right now it is hidden.  I hope we have decent weather on Friday, so he can try it out.  (We are doing our Christmas here Friday, before we spend time with family.)  It's supposed to be freezing rain later and back into the 20s tomorrow, though, so you never know.

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