Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Mornings with Gyunay

Gyunay has preschool four days a week, but he's in the afternoon class, so after we get the big kids off to school, we have the mornings together.  Lately, he's really enjoyed playing with play dough, so today we made some more.  He requested orange, and then for a second color he chose yellow.  
He was so delighted to see the white play dough turn colors!  Here's a look back at a long time ago, when I made play dough with Lydia and Malachi:
It's been a popular activity here for many, many years.

And you can see the edge of our Advent wreath to the left in the photo.  I've been meaning to do an Advent wreath at home with the kids for about a decade; this year, I finally got it all together.  The kids made the candles (they are just rolled sheets of beeswax).  The boys made the purple ones, and Lydia made the rose one.  They have really enjoyed lighting the candles at dinner.

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