Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Ancient Bulgaria

I thought I'd post a few more Bulgarian pictures.  These are all in Sofia, because that is the only city I've visited in Bulgaria, but there are tons of ruins and historic sites throughout the country.
This is the remains of the ancient Roman city of Serdica.  This is under the current city.  

This is the Church of St Petka of the Saddlers.  It was built in the Middle Ages.  It is still in use, and there were church services going on when we were there (both times), so I didn't go into the sanctuary, but it is a very interesting building right in the middle of Sofia.

And here is my little guy, in my favorite picture of him at the orphanage.  He was so little!  

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  1. Sweet Gyunay! Although I remember the wait to bring him home so well, sometimes it is hard to remember that he wasn't always with us. That he lived his first couple years away from his home, in an orphanage! What a blessing to watch him learn and grow with you, where he belongs, with his family. I love him so much!!