Friday, March 3, 2017

Library Science and Plum Blossoms

Today, Gyunay and I went to the library.  They have a traveling exhibit that just opened today, and it will be there for 3 months.  It's from the science center, and there are lots of activities for little kids to explore.  Gyunay especially liked 2 of them.  The first is this rollercoaster room:
The kids can make their own tracks and roll the balls down them.  Gyunay wasn't interested in making any tracks, but he did love rolling the balls.

The other exhibit he really liked was this giant light brite.  I know Lydia and Malachi will also get a big kick out of these exhibits, so we'll have to visit again soon.

In other news, here is our plum tree:

Yes, it's beautiful, but it shouldn't be blooming yet!  The thing refused to listen to me, and insisted on pretending it's spring.  The odds are good that a killing frost will take any possibility of plums this year.  I'm a bit hopeful; maybe I could throw a sheet over this 10-foot tree?  But then again, every year we have snow in March, and our last frost date isn't until April 10. 

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