Thursday, March 23, 2017

Sacrifice Beads

Ever since we watched a Holy Heroes video that talked about sacrifice beads, Lydia has been eager to have some.  She was even willing to spend her own $8 (which is a small fortune for her) to buy them.  We have an abundance of beads and string, so I suggested that we make one, and she eagerly agreed.
Sacrifice beads are a way to keep track of good choices during the day.  The examples in the video were things like "When Mom says clean up and you don't want to, pull a bead and do it anyway without complaining."  Or things like sharing with your brother when you don't feel like it.  Little sacrifices in daily life, basically.  Anyway, she is so excited about her sacrifice beads.    

We attached them to a safety pin so she can wear them (basically none of her clothes have pockets or belt loops).  I pinned it to her, and she declared, "Now I'm officially a Catholic!"  This girl cracks me up.

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