Thursday, August 24, 2017

The Great Eclipse of 2017

Monday, our region was in a 90-something percent range of the solar eclipse.  I took the kids out of school early, and we watched it together in 2 ways.  One was with the special glasses.  The other is the pinhole method, which you see here.  Elijah is holding a piece of paper with a square cut out of the center.  Over the hole, we taped a piece of foil, and in the center of the foil, we made a tiny pinhole.

You can't tell from the pictures, but we could see the eclipse clearly on the paper, and that was really neat.

 To top off the day, the kids chose to play Malachi's new game together, and they all enjoyed it, with no fights!  (Malachi got the Mario Monopoly game as an early birthday present.  Really early, but whatever.)

The eclipse viewing afternoon turned out very nice, despite the fact that Nathaniel is out of the country, and two of the kids were throwing up that morning.

For the last two days, it has felt like fall in the mornings.  There has been just a kiss of fog noticeable on the way to drop Lydia off at school, and with the temperature in the 60s and a soft breeze, the mornings have been really delightful.  Gyunay wanted to paint outside, so I decided to open up this for me:

It's a Chinese calligraphy kit that Nathaniel bought me in China several years ago.  I mixed the ink.  I don't do Chinese characters, of course (I don't know any!), but I did enjoy mixing the ink and painting English calligraphy with it.  

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