Saturday, December 4, 2010

First Sled Ride

It snowed last night and all morning, so we decided to introduce Lydia to snow and sledding.  She loved it, of course.  She really likes to walk in the snow.  She finds it fascinating.  Our neighbors are nice enough to let us use their hill, which is perfect for kids' sleds.  Here's a shot of the hill:
Here is where Nathaniel hangs out at the bottom of the hill, to make sure our kids don't wind up in the road or in front of the few cars that could come by.  (None did.)

Doesn't Lydia look cute in her snow suit?  I think we bought it for Malachi at a yard sale or something, but then we moved to Texas, and it never got used.  Well, today it saw snow, and she stayed dry underneath, so it was a perfect suit for her! 

Here they are before sledding.

It was tons of fun.  I haven't been on a sled in years.  I took Lydia in after only about 15 minutes (she is only 1), but the boys stayed out for quite a while.  It was perfect play-in-the-snow weather, right around 31 degrees.  Unfortunately, later in the afternoon Lydia got sick, and now she is sleeping in her footies in her crib.  I guess if we get more snow tomorrow, the boys will have to enjoy it without her.  :(  They willl have a busy day, though.  They are singing and doing their puppets at the nursing home tomorrow after church. 

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  1. Love the bundled up pics. It always makes me smile! It hasn't snowed here. Just rain. Lots and lots of it. Snow would be more fun!!!! :)

    Love you all! Karen