Monday, February 21, 2011

Kitchen Art

My kitchen makes me so happy.  It is really cheerful now.
I went on etsy and had fun buying artwork.  All of these paintings come from etsy, from 4 different shops.  (Have I mentioned that I love etsy?) 
Here are the 4 in relationship to the room.  You can see Lydia's high chair.  This is the only "large" section of wall I have in the kitchen.  (It obviously isn't very large.)  The kids were very excited as I hung these tonight.  I was originally going to wait until Nathaniel gets home from Europe, but we needed a diversion, and this was fun.  He hasn't seen all of the paintings yet.  Actually, I think only one was here before he left.


  1. Gasp! Love this!!! Won't your hubby be surprised when he comes home. I know you'll enjoy your vibrant, foodie kitchen!

  2. I had free reign in picking the art, too, so it's all new for him! I'm so very excited about it, and he doesn't really care all that much one way or another how I decorate the kitchen.