Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Library

I don't think I mentioned what I came home to:
Dad installed my bookshelf, and Mom filled it full of my books.  She even organized!  My parents and brother gave me the shelf for my birthday, and I am so excited to have my books out of the cardboard boxes that they have lived in for years!  (For those of you who don't realize my book addiction, this shelf is full of my history and language non-fiction.  Seriously.  Fiction, children's and other non-fic are on two smaller bookshelves in the same room.)  I also hung some photos that I've been meaning to put up:

I love this one.  It's in the "library", too.
My library is now a real room, not full of boxes and junk.  It's so nice.  Thanks so much to Mom, Dad, and Missy for all their work here!

In other news, we've just been dealing with colds.  The boys are getting over theirs; they got them over the weekend.  Lydia and I are really a mess today.  I'm even letting her watch 3 Mickey Mouses, which is about 2 1/2 more than usual!  But we are both tired and needed some couch time.

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  1. I love this picture of your kiddos! Feels good to get settled, doesn't it? So glad for you!