Sunday, April 10, 2011

Back from the Beach

We had a great Florida vacation.  The kids love playing in the sand.  The weather was nice (low 70s most of the time), and we had a lot of fun.  Here are some pictures:
Lydia loved walking on bridges.
Lydia and the ducks were great friends.
X marks the spot.  Malachi loved making x's in the sand for hidden treasure.
Elijah tries out our surf board.

The boys on the Island at the Pirate Playground

And so our vacation was great.  We got home yesterday evening, and today was work day.  A tree fell down while we were gone, so Nathaniel got out the chainsaw for that.  The boys hauled the logs.  Lydia helped me prepare the garden, and then while she napped, I planted 100 strawberry plants.  That's not a typo: 100!

Hopefully most of them grow great.  I also planted some lettuce, spinach, carrots, and basil outside.  My plants in the sunroom still look great, and I plan to transplant them this week.  Our yard is blooming all over and looking so pretty.  Here is Lydia smelling the flowers:
Happy spring!

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  1. I am so glad you had a great time and are home! I want to hear all about it! Love you