Friday, April 22, 2011

Tomato Plants

All of my tomato plants are in the garden now.  (You can see our newspaper "mulch in this photo.  It's ugly, but it works well to keep weeds out and decomposes.)  We planted: 16 brandywine (or 15, we might have lost one) in yellow, pink, red and black; 6 Old German; 6 Box Car Willie; 5 "Mystery" Tomato; 6 Amish Paste; 6 Better Boy; and 6 Kentucky Beefsteak, which I think is an orange variety.  We also have some cherry tomato plants coming up, surprisingly in the spot I wanted them to grow this year.  And the zucchini and cucumbers are also in the big garden.  In the pumpkin garden, I've got all the brussel sprouts and broccoli out along with some sage, which is supposed to deter cabbage worms.  We'll see.


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