Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Playing in the garden

Yesterday Lydia and Elijah helped me transplant tomatoes: 6 better boy, 6 Old German, and 6 Amish Paste.  We still have a dozen to transplant in the sunroom.  (And I had already transplanted the Box Car Willies.)  But it was a good start, and the kids really had fun helping.  (Malachi decided to play in Lydia's new water table instead.  He's in love with that toy!)  Lydia gets so excited over the worms.  She demands to hold any worm we find, and she delights in her "wormies".  She puts them back in the garden (usually still lively) when she's done.  Elijah spent a lot of time playing with the rolly-polies.  We have lots more to do, but I'm loving gardening.

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