Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I finally got around to making that chocolate trifle.  Now I can't wait to eat it for our Valentine dessert tonight.  (Although, of course, I did sample it as I made it.)  I made a balsamic chicken for dinner, with mashed potatoes and steamed cauliflower.  Everyone should be pretty happy tonight! 
The kids have already gorged on the M&Ms my parents sent and spent a long time reading their Valentines from school.  Since we had a 2-hour delay this morning, they had a short day at school.  Lydia and I surprised both boys by showing up for lunch.  Then, after we left, both had parties in their classes, so I don't think they had too much learning today between the holiday and the late start.  They were very excited. 

Elijah brought home his recorder.  He's learning to play "Hot Cross Buns" for his white belt as a "Ninja Recorder".  The black belt is actually "Ode to Joy", so I guess he'll get pretty good at it!  Or that's the goal, anyway.

Malachi won 2 games of Valentine bingo and came home with stickers and a tube of chapstick.  He's so excited about that chapstick.

Lydia has been playing with stuffed animals all the time lately.  She prefers her brothers' animals, of course.

Katie has decided that she's having a second puppyhood, or something, because she's playful most of the day lately.  I haven't seen her with this much pep in years.  She's 8 years old!

The chickens are good.  Sol is still broody, although she's not yet setting on eggs after the moving fiasco.  Nathaniel and I need to decide our next plan.  The kids really would love to have chicks, and Sol is willing to set, but where she's located is not a good place for several reasons.  Trying to get her to prefer another nest has been a failure.  So I'm not sure what we'll do next.  The good news is, it seems that if she does hatch any eggs, there's not much that we need to do to care  for the chicks. 

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  1. Happy Valentines Day to you all! It sounds like the kids had a pretty good day and a yummy supper! Our day was ok, except I have a sore throat and Derek worked most of the evening. Hope to talk to you soon...love you!