Friday, February 24, 2012

Lost and Found

I was afraid that I'd have to write this post today saying that we lost a chicken.  One of our buff orpingtons (yellow, named Sol Dos) disappeared yesterday afternoon and was still MIA after dark.  But this morning, she was ready for snacks when I let all of the chickens out, and as of right now, all 10 are accounted for.  Plus the 6 eggs Sol is sitting on.  (The other Sol, not to be confused with the wandering Sol Dos!)
Yesterday, I decided that we needed to try beets, and so I made some.  They were actually pretty good.  Nathaniel pronounced them "not bad".  The kids tried the tiniest bite and then wouldn't eat more.  Sigh.  But I threw the beet tops into the vegetable stock I was making, and turned it all pink.  I think it looks great:
Now, will anyone eat the Morraccan stew I'm making tonight with the veggie broth?? 

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