Thursday, March 1, 2012


Lydia and I have been planting seeds lately.  Now, it is too cold out for planting in the garden, but we have some cool-weather-loving seeds planted in the greenhouse.  The first pots we planted got knocked over by high winds, so this time we used bigger pots, and they remained upright despite the crazy wind yesterday, so we are hopeful that we will soon have lettuce (red and green), spinach, parsley, lavender, and mint.  In the playroom (which is in effect a large greenhouse!), the carrots are coming along nicely:
And we have planted a couple of things in pots there, as well.  So we have big hopes for a home-grown salad in about a month or so. 
And, here are some pictures of the amazing party:

Of course, I was too busy playing to get many pictures, as is evidenced by my husband's rather unflattering shot of me walking backwards on the beam:

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