Thursday, March 22, 2012

Chicks go wandering

Under the protection of mama hen, the chicks have decided to flee the coop.  They all enjoy the yard, and Sol (the hen) is very protective of them.  She allows us (the people) to pick up her chicks, but she doesn't allow any other hens or the rooster near them.  I saw her run the rooster off of the treats I brought out this morning, and then she and the chicks devoured the muffin crumbs while the other adult chickens clustered in another area.
Here Sol is clustering the chicks in the corner away from the neighbor's loud lawnmower.  As the lawnmower receeded to the other side of the yard, the chicks were out and about again.

Lydia is very good at catching chicks.  She loves them!  She's trying to be gentle, although I have to remind her of course. 

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