Monday, March 12, 2012

5 Little Chicks

Well, I thought the chicks would arrive Thursday, but instead they hatched Saturday afternoon.  I took these pictures yesterday afternoon, so they were 1 day old.  We have 1 all yellow one (like the mama), 2 yellow with brown stripes, and 2 black ones (which are obviously from the barred rock hens).  All 5 hatched from brown eggs, so if they're hens, they should grow to be brown egg-layers.  For now, though, they seem happy hanging with their mama in the coop.  Sol is being a good mother hen and keeps them warm and feeds them.  She seems to like me and doesn't mind me messing with her and the chicks (gently), but her feathers get ruffled when Nathaniel gets close.  We aren't letting the kids reach in yet; I got out the chicks one at a time for them to hold/pet. 

We had a very busy working weekend.  I painted both bathrooms, and Nathaniel put in a new light fixture and put a border on the mirror in the kids' bathroom.
He's going to replace the faucet, too, but they didn't have a silver one in stock at Wal-Mart, so that will have to wait until a trip to Lowe's or Home Depot.  Our bathroom will need another coat of paint, but I'm really happy with how much got done inside.  Outside, the kids were hauling the logs that Nathaniel and Kevin cut up from the storm damage to stack them for next year's firewood.  I worked on more mulch, but I took yesterday off of mulch.  I have poison ivy on my arm.  It's raining today, so it will be at least tomorrow before I get back to that.  Nathaniel also cleared out the garage and fixed the tiller.
Things are coming along! 

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