Sunday, March 4, 2012

We're ok

Well, following the bad weather Friday, we are all ok, including the chickens.  My in-laws were on their way to visit us and narrowly avoided a tornado, so we are just very thankful that everyone is fine.  My brother was here putting on garage doors during the storms, too.  So we had lots of company for unpleasant weather, and we were fortunate enough to not even lose power.  We are all feeling very sad and saying prayers for the many who were not so lucky...
The greenhouse and 2 trees did not survive the storm.  So it looks like those carrots in the playroom are still our best bet for an early bit of gardening.  Oh, well, maybe we can plant some lettuce in pots in the playroom tomorrow.  And my father-in-law and husband made quick work of cutting up the trees for firewood. 

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