Sunday, April 29, 2012

6 weeks old

Well, the chicks are about 6 weeks old now, and they have really grown.

In this one, you can see how the barred rock chick compares in size to the 2 hens above.

Sol is still being motherly at night and such, but she's not worrying about the chicks during the day too much anymore.  Soon, she won't act like mama hen at all.

We actually only have 7 hens now.  Sol Dos disappeared yesterday.  Our poultry total is 7 hens, 1 rooster, and 5 chicks.  We're hoping that most of the chicks are hens. 

In other news, Nathaniel and Jeff are busy putting down wood flooring in the boys' room right now.  I've mostly been out of this room work, but I've run the saws some.  I've gotten really comfortable with the chop saw.  I can, and do, use the table saw to rip boards, but it still scares me.  That's really a good thing, though.  Table saws are pretty scary, dangerous tools.

After church, the kids were supposed to have a kickball game and hotdog picinic.  We did have it, but several families didn't come that were expected, so the kickball game had few participants.  Elijah really enjoyed it, though.  Malachi and Lydia played on the playground, and that made them really happy.  Lydia had an 8-year-old girl playing with her, which made her day. 

Tomorrow, Lydia and I are subbing at the preschool again.  Another busy week underway!

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